Chris Alefantis

Founder of Shedia

Chris Alefantis was born in Melbourne, Australia, where his parents immigrated in the mid-50s. He is a journalist of more than 20 years experience. He is the founder and Editor In Chief of “Shedia”, Greece’s only street paper, which launched in March 2013.

“Shedia” –as all street papers worldwide- is a social enterprise and self-help model that provides an innovative solution to urban homelessness and unemployment. It offers people a dignified way to earn their own living and support themselves and their families. In addition to employment, “Shedia” aims to offer its vendors on-going social support and training opportunities. Shedia” is a member of the International Network of Street Paper.

In 2006, he founded the “Kick Out Poverty” campaign in Greece, incorporating the Greek Homeless Football Club. It is an initiative which uses sport –and in particular, football- as a way to energize homeless people and support them in their quest to rebuild their lives. The Greek Homeless Team is a member of the international social and sporting movement “Homeless World Cup”.