Costeas-Geitonas Simulcast Venue

Costeas-Geitonas World School

For the first time ever, a TEDxAthens Simulcast Event is held in a school, symbolizing the identity of both institutions. A modern school is a space of knowledge, innovation, exchanging of ideas and opinions and as such it opens its doors and welcomes TEDxAthens. Adults and children aged 14 and up can watch a live simulcast of the TEDx talks, without admission. Meanwhile, workshops and entertaining projects will take place in various locations of the school for adults and clildren aged 12 and up:


– Dive into the “Uncharted Waters” of creative learning with Flow Athens

– Dive into the “Uncharted Waters” of music with the Rock Band of IB Diploma Programme.
– Dive into the “Uncharted Waters” of online quiz gaming with Flooxi

– Dive into the “Uncharted Waters” of mechanical applications with Charis Ioannou
– Walk the uncharted paths of wine tasting with enologist – winemaker Apostolos Spiropoulos


For more information, please contact Mrs Falia Psoma via telephone (210-6663939) or email (

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