Dawa Steven Sherpa


Dawa Steven Sherpa (29) is a tourism entrepreneur and an environmental activist. He has climbed Mt. Everest twice and trekked the entire length of the Nepal Himalaya -over 1555km- in 99 days. Dawa also has the unique accolade of setting up the world’s highest Bakery at Everest Base Camp (5330m/ 17,500ft). Under Dawa Steven’s leadership, more than 150 climbers from 18 different nations have summited Mt. Everest. On these expeditions he pioneered environmental practices to make Himalayan expeditions cleaner, such as collecting nearly 15.000 Kgs of garbage from the slopes of Mt. Everest.

Dawa’s environmental and conservation work has been recognized and awarded by IUCN, WWF and International Olympic Committee, amongst others. He is a climate change ambassador for WWF and patron of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in Nepal.

Dawa Steven’s father is Sherpa (Nepalese), and his mother Belgian. He speaks five languages: Dutch, Nepali, English, Hindi and German. He currently heads his family business that is focused on trekking tourism and mountaineering.