Gloria Mika

Fashion Model, School UP Founder

Gloria Mika is a Greek/Gabonese global education advocate and somewhat of an iconoclast who likes to question and challenge generally accepted beliefs and perceptions. Born and raised in Libreville, Gabon, she had the opportunity to travel and live in different continents since her childhood and during her career as a fashion model. As a model, she has worked for various brands, such as L’ Oreal, Diesel, Escada and Ungaro and Givenchy among others. She is actively involved in different NGOs, namely ADYNE – A Network of organizations representing the African Diaspora Youth living in Europe; the Guardian Angels of Gabon (Les Anges Gardiens du Gabon), a citizen watch initiative which aimed to foster a culture of citizenship and ensure the principle of transparency in the Presidential elections of 2009 in Gabon; Generation 2.0., a collective of young people, who advocate for their right to be equal citizens of the country they were born and raised in. Gloria is also a founding member of School UP, a global initiative based in Greece, which aims to promote Global Education. She has been named by Jeune Afrique Magazine amongst the top 50 people that count in Gabon. She deeply cares about youth active participation in society, as she believes they have a lot to offer in making our world a better place.