James Castrission

Adventurer, motivational speaker, author

James Castrission is a Greek/ Australian Explorer constantly pushing the boundaries of human endurance. Most recently, on the 26th January 2012 along side his expedition partner, Justing Jonesy, they made history by completing the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time. In 100 years of polar exploration no-one had EVER walked from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back without assistance. Many had tried, none had succeeded. After 89 gruelling days they made it back to the coast after having skied 2275km with everything they needed to survive in the harshest environment on Earth.

Four years earlier they Crossed the Ditch – paddling 3318km without assistance across the Tasman Sea for another world first.  They braved 10 metre swells, howling winds, endured severe food and sleep deprivation and adverse winds and currents.

The boys are highly regarded as two of Australia’s premier public speakers and now have four award winning books & DVD’s about their expeditions.