Lee Burton


Lee Burton, a.k.a. Lefteris Kalampakas, was born in Athens in the mid-80s and from the age of 9 he discovered that music was his big passion. He studied classical and jazz guitar, he took part in several music bands and collected LPs until the age of 19 when he began his first steps in both production and DJing.

After a few years he released as “Liberto” his debut album “Lullaby” by Klik Records, multiple solo albums and collaborations (mostly with Mihalis Safras) with labels both in Greece and abroad (such as: Trapez, Cusp, Zenit, Material and Syndikaat).

In 2009, the alias “Lee Burton” was born and he started releasing albums exclusively with international labels using a whole new different sound (Plastic City, Orpheas, Material and Ethnik Groove). In 2012, he makes his return with the extremely successful album both nationally and internationally “Busy days for fools” released by Klik Records.