National Archaeological Museum

Powered by Re-think Athens

Charted City / Uncharted Waters

The TEDxAthens experience escapes from its main venue’s boundaries and spreads out to the most “Uncharted Waters”, the urban web.

The live simulcast event is hosted in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens auditorium for a very significant reason. The museum is located on the verge and -at the same time- in the heart of the municipal center as mapped by Re-think Athens, an Onassis Foundation initiative, for the redesign of the city and the improvement of its citizens’ daily life.

The museum’s simulcasts takes place alongside the Antikythera Mechanism exhibition, one of the gratest uncharted mysteries of the ancient world.

The TEDxAthens simulcast on the National Archaeological Museum of Athens will follow both days of the event. The visitors will have the chance to watch all the talks, be inpired by the stories and share their experience with lots of interesting people.

Register here.

The first 20 people to complete their regisrtation will also benefit a private tour on the Antikythera Mechanism exhibition.