Tzanetos Antypas

President & General Director, NGO PRAKSIS

Tzanetos Antypas is a  Phd candidate in Panteion University. He holds an MSc in Health Management and he has Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration, Social Work and Public Health.

Tzanetos Antypas has a seventeen year experience in planning, programming, managing and implementing various initiatives and projects within Greece and abroad in Europe and developing countries. He has worked mostly in the Non Profitable (Non Govermental) sector. He has coordinated and supervised a wide range of health and social work projects, while he served as Head of Delegations in many emergency and crisis situations in countries requiring emergency aid as a result of physical catastrophes. His record of project implementation includes countries like Armenia, Georgia, Serbia, Zambia, Malawi, Palestine, Russia, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Turkey, where he has worked as project manager in the international NGO Medicines Sans Frontiers. In Greece and under his current position in the NGO PRAKSIS (he is a founding member of the organization), as AC President & General Director, he is responsible for the management of the organization, the scientific supervision of the projects, the formulation of communication strategy / fundraising, as well as the supervision of financial issues. His responsibilities also include communicating with the donors in all stages of project implementation and the connection of the organization with the Board of Directors. Moreover, he has an extended experience in managing human resources and dealing with donors in national and international level.

The projects Mr. Antypas has participated in have been financed by various European and national departments, such as the European Commission, the Greek State, the European Social Fund and others. The projects have targeted different social groups, ranging from staff training and specialization of scientists to the provision of health services to groups at risk of being socially excluded. This experience has served in the development and improvement of capabilities such as flexibility, strong interpersonal and communication skills, innovative ways of thinking, problem solving etc.

Furthermore, in his capacity as project manager and General Director, during the last decade, Mr. Antypas has been responsible for the planning and implementation of multitude European Commission and national education, sensitization and development projects in Greece in conjunction with participating in the preparation and implementation of several European Commission Initiatives dedicated to the Assistance of Local and Regional Decentralized Areas’ Development. He has participated and coordinated projects dealing with the provision of health care and social services and has participated in the development of numerous educational and vocational training tools, whilst he has given a number of lectures to university students, professional and members of sensitive social groups. He has been praised twice by the President of the Hellenic Republic for his work.

He is a  certified tutor of vocational training for adults and he has already taught in several Centers for Vocational Training in various areas and thematics.

In addition, Tzanetos Antypas is:  a. Vice President in the Greek network against Poverty, b. vice president of the Hellenic Federation of  Voluntary and Non Governmental Organization, c. vice president of the Non Governmental organization “GoingArt”, d. member of the administration council of the networking FEANTSA (for homeless in Greece), e. member of the steering committee for Hiv in Greece f. member of the Hellenic network of Managers for Health and g. Member of the administration council of the Non Governmental Organization “Movement of Citizens for an Open Society”.